About Fixfast

At Fixfast we use our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solutions when it comes to connecting issues. We provide non-standard fasteners and other connecting solutions; so called C-parts. We focus primarily on the needs of our customers. It is our goal to provide you with a qualitively perfect solution within a short time period.

Mission & Vision

It is our mission to ensure our customers of the continuity of the production process without any failures. We do this by guiding the purchase and deliverance of the necessary C-parts. Within this process we aim for the best products against the lowest price and deliver them in a very time-efficient way. This way we help our customers with the possibilities of getting higher profits and a better position within the market.

Method of working

With decades of experience and knowledge, we have created a network of the best suppliers of C-parts all over Europe and Asia. To increase the efficiency of the delivery process, we deliver large lots directly from the supplier to our customer. Our role within this process is to represent our manufacturers monitor all shipments closely. We also deliver the needed products straight from our warehouse to the customer.


To us, quality means a lot more than just the perfect product. It is really important for us to have an open discussion with our customer to see what can be realized within our knowlegde. This way we can give our customer the reliability and commitment needed from a supplier. Quality means a fair and open discussion of what can be realized and what cannot.

With meeting the standards of the ISO 9001:2015 since 2009 and working on keeping these integrated in our daily operation, we can ensure our customers of the quality or our business.

Definition C-Parts

C-parts stands for commodity parts. These parts ares often the smaller products in a system that keeps everything together, which means that the C-parts are crucial for a proper functioning of the production process. Therefore, even though they may be small, they are crucial for a proper functioning of the production process. With the wide range of commodity parts and the many small variations wihtin a product, it is important to have the right supplier and manufacturer. Most manufacturers are specialized in a relatively small range of C-parts. This is where we as a supplier come in.  With out network of manufacturers all over the world, we are able to offer you a wide range of products. Our knowledge and years of experience with C-parts helps us to provide you with thhttps://www.fixfast.eu/about-use needed products.

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